0.6.3 04/14/15

  • Improved Really improved stylesheet handling for different environments

0.6.2 03/26/15

  • Fixed Bug Fixed Bug in the Changelog template

0.6.1 03/12/15

  • Improved Better Google Analytics Code in Doc_Footer

0.6 03/10/15

  • New This Release Finally! A 404 layout!
  • Improved More changes to the about page.
  • Improved Hardening
  • Improved Globals
  • Improved Homepage fixes

0.5 03/09/15

  • New This Release New Work-single Image layouts
  • New This Release added new section to About
  • Fixed Bug Thanks, Jake Mason! Menu bug on large monitors is now fixed.

0.4.1 03/03/15

  • Improved Flyout menu looks better
  • Improved Work Single page, replaced the Previous and Next buttons with the title for the next or previous piece
  • Improved Improved Work Outer page
  • Improved Teal border on all pages
  • Improved Global values in backend are working way better
  • Improved Changes to Statamic backend

0.4 03/02/15

  • New This Release upgraded Statamic to 1.10.3 from 1.9.2
  • Improved Improved vertical spacing on isotope
  • Improved Improved vertical centering on isotope images

0.3.2 03/02/15

  • Fixed Bug Homepage on Chrome was super super super long - fixed that.

0.3.1 02/18/15

  • Improved Made fonts a better size on mobile
  • Improved Reorganized elements on the home page
  • Fixed Bug Made a fix to the header that caused the name to break to two lines

0.3 02/15/15

  • New This Release Added Intro to Home Page
  • Improved Fixes to the Javascripts
  • Improved Improvements to the Featured Projects section on the Homepage