0.11 09/21/15

  • New This Release Added a Feed for all post types
  • Improved Improved the output of the current feeds
  • Improved Improved the Pagination partial
  • Improved Improved the Work-Single template
  • Improved Fixed spacing on the Pagination buttons
  • Fixed Bug Fixed a bug with the contact form where the form didn't believe emails were sending.

0.10 08/30/15

  • New This Release Updated to Statamic 1.11
  • Improved Improved Stylesheets for blogs

0.9 08/17/15

  • New This Release Pagination
  • New This Release Breadcrumbs
  • Improved Blog Listing
  • Improved Blog Single
  • Improved Blog Feed
  • Improved Pagination on Blog List, Blog Single and Changelog
  • Improved Pagination Partial

0.8.3 08/10/15

  • Improved Added links to feeds to the footer

0.8.2 08/10/15

  • Improved RSS feeds for the Changelog were very broken, and now they're not.
  • Improved Improved the permalinks in the RSS feeds
  • Fixed Bug Fixed spacing on Changelog page
  • Fixed Bug Fixed Image widths in the blog

0.8.1 08/10/15

  • Improved Added feeds for Work and this very Changelog. I feel like a complete and total badass.
  • Improved Changed a color on the homepage.

0.8 08/09/15

  • New This Release The blog is here!
  • New This Release The RSS Feed!
  • New This Release Disqus comments
  • New This Release Edit links for me
  • Improved removed a number of unneeded templates
  • Improved brushed up the CSS
  • Fixed Bug Fixed spacing on homepage

0.7 08/08/15

  • New This Release New branding
  • Improved Improved Colors throughout site
  • Improved improved spacing on homepage
  • Improved improved testimonials section
  • Improved laid groundwork for the blog

0.6.5 04/25/15

  • Improved Improved the Random Number Generator
  • Improved Improved the Work Outer Template
  • Improved Made the Footer better

0.6.4 04/16/15

  • Fixed Bug Fixed a bug on the homepage where a tag was not being closed.